Year 3/4


A big hello from Year 3/4!

Year 3/4 are taught by Mrs Cunliffe and are supported by Mrs Petts. Other adults that help us are called Mrs Harmsworth and Mrs Trout

This is what our classroom environment looks like:

In Year 3/4 we offer all children a friendly and supportive environment whilst encouraging more independence as the year goes on. We have a lovely time in our class, encouraging kindness and teamwork and making sure each child feels valued and is challenged to work to the best of their ability. We make learning as engaging and interactive as we can, and have some fantastic topics that we love teaching!

Here’s our Long Term Plan-

Long Term Plan Y3/4 20212022

Our topic this term is:


Here’s our Knowledge Organiser- Ancient Greece Knowledge Organiser

Who Let the Gods Out?: the first EPIC laugh-out-loud adventure in Maz Evans's bestselling series: 1: Evans, Maz: 9781910655412: Books

Click on this document below to find out lots of details about transition to our class:

Transition letter from Mrs Cunliffe


The children receive weekly spellings to learn at home. We look at these spellings in short spelling lessons three times a week.

We often use class books to deliver our Writing curriculum and the pupils really get a lot out of these as we incorporate EGSP, drama, book talk and writing. Where possible, we try and link the books we choose topically, whether it be our main topic, our science topic or even linking it to RSE. The books we use are:

The Boy, the Mole, The Fox and The Horse

How To Live Forever

The Boy Who Grew Dragons

A Walk in London and A Walk in Paris

Who Let the Gods Out?

The Firebird

Escape From Pompeii

We also make use of The Literacy Shed and use exciting and engaging videos there, like ‘The Rocketeer’, as a stimulus for writing.


Here are our spellings for this term-

Spelling Group for Autumn 1     Year 3 Spellings for Autumn 1        Year 4 Spellings for Autumn 1

Spelling Group for Autumn 2     Year 3 Spellings for Autumn 2       Year 4 Spelling for Autumn 2



In our Guided Reading, we will start off with : The Boy Who Grew Dragons

Other books include-

Beetle Boy

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

The Lion and The Unicorn

To celebrate our love of reading and reading for pleasure we have our class reading journal that goes home with a child once a week. This is then filled in after they have read a book and they share their review with the rest of the class. The sharing so far has been amazing and has created some fabulous dialect and conversations.


We love maths in Year 3/4!   Here is what we cover in the Autumn Term:

Place Value and Number

Addition & Subtraction

Multiplication & Division

We follow White Rose Maths

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Our new topic in year 3/4 is  ‘Making Waves’.  This covers ‘Sound’ in Science.

Have a look at the activities and complete the quiz. Click the link below…

Pin on Sound waves


Last half term we studied ‘No Place Like Home’ where we will cover ‘Living Things and their Habitats’ .  We will use the 5 Scientific Enquiry Skills to test our theories and find out lots of amazing facts!  We love to use our Scientific Enquiry Superheroes during our Science lessons and add to our Scientific Knowledge!




We have PE twice a week and thoroughly enjoy our Monday morning lessons as it wakes us up and gets us ready for the week! Our second session is lead by ACES and is on Thursday afternoons.  This half term our focus is Dance and Badminton.



Here are some of the photos of our super class learning so far!

Below are important documents for year 3 and Year 4:


End of Year Expectations 20 Y3

End of Year Expectations 20 Y4