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Family Action

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The NAHT has partnered with Family Action to be the 2013-2014 president’s charity. The partnership was launched at this year’s annual conference by Bernadette Hunter and Family Action’s chief executive David Holmes.

The theme of the partnership is “school readiness” and throughout the year we will be supporting parents, pupils and teachers to work together to ensure young people get the very best from their time at school.

We all know that home life has a big impact on educational attainment, so if a child comes to school without having had a good night’s sleep, or if they are starting the day on an empty stomach this will have a negative effect on their ability to learn.

Through this partnership there will be a series of four leaflets encouraging parents to engage with their child’s learning and showing parents what they can be doing to support their children in collaboration with the school.

The first two leaflets are found below.

Familiy Action leaflet 1 – Ready to learn

Ready to Learn leaflet 2 Aug 13