Holiday Absence

Authorised and Unauthorised Absence

Netherton J & I School follows the advice of the Wakefield Local Authority and does not authorise any term time holidays because of the potential it has to affect children’s progress and attainment.

Unauthorised Term Time Holidays

From September 2013 the law changed meaning that Headteachers can only authorise holidays in term time in exceptional circumstances.  We fully understand that there will be days when children are ill and unable to attend.  However, schools have 13 weeks holiday a year so taking children on holidays during term time is something we strongly discourage as it can be detrimental to their learning.

Governing Bodies and Headteachers are now able to issue fines for unauthorised absence.  Under the new fining system parents could be fined £60 per parent per child, so for a two parent family this would be £120, if a child is out of school for 10 half days or 5 full days of unauthorised absence.  This does not have to be consecutive days or half-days. 

The Governing Body have recently approved a new holiday in term time policy and that from 26th January 2018 parents who take children on a holiday in term time risk the imposition of a penalty notice/fine.

Adrian Woodhouse – Chair of Governors

January 2018

Holidays in Term Time Policy 2018