The Rotary Club of Horbury and Ossett Phoenix

Members of Year 6 entered this year’s Horbury and Ossett Phoenix Rotary photography competition.  They were all awarded with a certificate of merit for taking part.

The competition was jointly judged by the Wakefield Express and the Rotary team.


2nd place – Puppy play


Nathan, Puppy Play


The Judges comments

Well done for getting 2nd place.  The picture captured the action brief and the close up brief really well.  It was well framed and almost used the golden ratio – but clearly a great photograph.

Of the other pictures – both Soccer Stars and Snorkelling were in the running for prizes.


Jacob, Soccer Stars


Soccer stars is a great action shot, very well focussed and lots going on.  What a shame the ball isn’t in the picture!  The cropping could have been tighter to just have the goal, not the house roofs above, but all in all a very good shot.



Gianni, Snorkelling


Snorkelling was a nice action close up of a different sort.  The hand and snorkle met at the ‘gold ratio’ point in the picture and the exposure, timing and focus were all good.  Technically a very good picture, but beaten by more ‘active’ subjects.

Well done to all children involved.