Parent Hub

We have now registered as a school to the “Parent Hub” app which from September will be our main and only form of communicating electronically with parents.
We will soon be sending out an electronic invite and are asking that all parents from Year 5 downwards download and sign up to this app. It can be downloaded for free at your phone’s app store.
Parents will be asked a series of verification questions in order to securely receive messages that relate to their child.
This app allows us to send more than just text messages. We will be able to send pictures, documents/letters and newsletters. Most messages will be received via a push notification, rather than a text or email. You will be able to see some data about your own child too – eg attendance.
Navigating the app is new to us all. Initially, the menu bar can be accessed by clicking on the orange logo in the top left hand corner, and channels (which is the name used by the app for groups eg Year 3) by clicking on our school logo. Join our school @NethertonJI.
Year 6 parents are more than welcome to sign up, but will only have access until their child leaves our school.
Anyone, for example grandparents or childminders can sign up to the app and be a part of our school, but will only be able to see public messages.
For the rest of this half term, we will be using both Groupcall and Parent Hub to communicate with you, so you as parents and we as a school can get used to the new app communication system.

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